No doubt, our previous trip to Dubai was a soothing and sensational one, as clients enjoyed a swell time with former Big Brother Naija housemate, Alex Unusual. Serenaded by the beauty, luxury, style and richly embedded culture of the United Arab Emirates, it was the perfect trip to see the world and yet catch a breather.

Being a brand whose delight is in actualizing your migration dreams, we are excited to announce Cape Verde as our next tour Destination! Enjoy an amazing 5-day experience of luxury, touring, vacation and unlimited fun about to be unleashed in this Serene Island!

Away from thorough exploring of the Archipelago, side attractions include Bbq Dinner, Boat Cruise, Valentine exclusive dinner, Lounge Party, Beach Outing and a lot more!

With an affordable cost of N360K (Three hundred and sixty thousand Naira) or N700K (Seven hundred thousand Naira)

Packages include flight, airport pick-up, accommodation, tours, and the exclusive Valentine’s Day dinner.

Visualize yourself sipping a cocktail as the calm evening breeze grace your skin in the tropical island of Cape Verde, while traditional music plays in the background, as the smell of local cuisines fills the air…Soothing?

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